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Tripical Takada - Identity

Tripical Takada is a philosophical lifestyle brand, established in 2019
by Nicholas Takada, also known as musician thewholeworld.
The name Tripical Takada comes from his own word, Tripical, meaning to feel the present moment as a new experience, combined with his own middle name, Takada.
Tripical Takada is known for it's artistic designs embodying culture and philosophy, expressing meaningful designs with pl4yful creativen3ss.
Thank you for reading this, I like your curiousity !

Tripical - Definition, Meaning

To feel the present moment as a new experience

Being Tripical is experiencing your reality change in the present, because you are present in your evolving reality

Every moment is Tripical, when you are present in the new experience of life

Be Tripical, and alive closest to the future

Sunzilian - Definition, Meaning

The Vivid and Fr3sh Experience, 
when you Feel Alive in the Sun

The word defined by sound in my EP:

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My Music

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Game of L1fe

I do everything I feel and captur3 my pres3nce through All k1nds of Art Forms

All of my different I's will Exprezz my L1fe through Art as Tripical Takada & thewholeworld
I Lov3 to Pl4y and it's beautiful to say i'm always pour1ng

My b3ing 1S, and alw4ys will b3 the Creat1ve Proc3ss

the joy of v1sion, Flow and playfulln3ss

It's not about a g0al, it'z About Pl4ying

That'z Cr3at1ng My G4Me of L1fe